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Sandra Testimonials

Here are some quotes from top companies and publications regarding our company and our products:

  • DirectX 11 Compute Shader/DirectCompute Press Release

    “As ATI Stream technology grows in popularity with software developers, SiSoftware’s Sandra 2010 benchmark is an increasingly important tool for evaluating GPU compute performance,” said Eric Demers, chief technology officer, graphics products, AMD. “As the only provider of DirectX 11 GPUs today, AMD welcomes SiSoftware’s support for that popular application programming interface in Sandra 2010.”

  • OpenCL Press Release

    “AMD believes OpenCL is what the industry has been waiting for: an industry-standard, cross-platform development platform designed to allow developers to harness the immense computational power available in today’s GPUs and multi-core CPUs. We’ve been a staunch supporter of and contributor to OpenCL since its inception,” said Patricia Harrell, director of Stream Computing, AMD. “SiSoftware has made significant contributions to the OpenCL ecosystem with the release of its GPGPU benchmark suite with OpenCL support. This benchmark suite enables customers, partners and OpenCL developers to easily measure application performance on heterogeneous platforms, and provides the information required to help optimize this performance.”

  • Sandra XII SP1 Press Release

    “AMD has a long-standing history of working with ISVs to ensure that their products take maximum advantage of our processor architecture and platforms. The AMD and SiSoftware relationship has been going strong for eight years and the latest release from SiSoftware can demonstrate the real performance achievable through our true quad-core AMD Phenom processor and native AMD Opteron Quad-Core processor architecture.” – Leslie Sobon, Director of Desktop Marketing, AMD.

  • Sandra MAX3 Press Release

    “We are very pleased that SiSoftware understands the difference in testing capabilities necessary for USB flash drives and has committed to designing a test suite for our specific market,” said Blaine Phelps, director of worldwide marketing for M-Systems DiskOnKey Business Unit (now SanDisk). “We hope that the USB flash drive market realizes the potential of this important tool that will elevate the category by establishing industry standards for fair and concise performance reporting.


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