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Sandra Type Lite (Evaluation – No Adverts, No Nags) Professional Personal (Home)
Professional Business (Commercial)
Engineer (Manufactuers / OEMs, Technical Support, Reviewers) Enterprise (Corporate)
Latest Version Access Previous (Stable) Release (R-1) Current (Stable) Release (R), (R+1)*** Current (Stable) Release (R), (R+1)*** Next (Beta) Release (R+1) Current (Stable) Release (R), (R+1)***
Supports Client Windows (10, 8.1*, 7*)
Supports Server Windows (2019, 2016, 2012/R2*, 2008/R2*)
Support Virtualisation (Hyper-V, VmWare, VirtualBox,  etc.)
Supports Workgroups (Networks)
Supports Domains (Active Directory)
Commercial Product (not evaluation)
Suitable for Business (commercial)
Licensing Type (per User / Computer / Domain) n/a Computer (multiple users but same computer) Computer (multiple users but same computer) User (multiple computers, but same user) Domain (multiple users/computers)
Licence allows Commercial Exploitation
Technical Support (Online)
Premium Technical Support (One-to-One)
Batch Run of Modules
Remote Execution/Run (domain)
Remote Deployment/Installation (domain)
Download Sandra Lite (Evaluation) Get Sandra Professional Personal (Home) Get Sandra Professional Business (Commercial) Get Sandra Engineer (Tech Support) Get Sandra Enterprise (Corporate)

Note (*): Deprecated support, may be removed in future releases.

Note 2 (**): Experimental support, may be removed in future releases.

Note 3 (***): Access will be provided to the next release (R+1) if current release is affected by an issue resolved by the next version.

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