Q & A – Video

This document provides some frequently asked questions about Sandra. Please read the Help File as well!

Q: Please explain the syntax of video memory reported by Sandra.
The syntax is aMB (bMB Video) (cMB AGP) where:

  • a – total memory available to drivers (i.e. on-board + AGP); sometimes it is just on-board.
  • b – on-board memory.
  • c – AGP memory.

Q: Sandra shows “a” MB memory for my video card, while I have less! Why?
See above for syntax. That is the total (on-board + AGP memory) not just the on-board memory.

Q: My Matrox dual/quad head has 2+ monitors connected, but see only one in Sandra?
Check that all monitors are reported in Windows’s Device Manager and not just by Matrox’ utility. Current drivers report the primary monitor only to Windows, thus Sandra sees only one monitor also.

Q: Sandra does not show any VESA Video Information!
Only the 32-bit ANSI Sandra on Windows 98/Me is able to query the VESA Video BIOS.


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