Q & A – Chipset

This document provides some frequently asked questions about Sandra. Please read the Help File as well!

Q: Sandra does not recognise my chipset.
Let us know so we can support it in the next version.

Q: Does Sandra detect NUMA systems?
Yes, Sandra does support NUMA systems; you also need Windows XP/2003 or later for proper NUMA support.

Q: The number of NUMA nodes and/or memory/CPUs on each node seems wrong!
Make sure that both the BIOS and Windows report the correct number of NUMA nodes and the arrangement of CPUs and memory for each node. Such information cannot be verified and is reported verbatim.

Q: The memory bank arrangement is incorrect!
While the total size of the memory may be correct you may be confused by the arrangement. This is because Sandra shows you the logical Chipset bank arrangement, not the physical memory module arrangement – which may or may not be the same depending on the specific Chipset.

While the BIOS may show you the real arrangement, this is because it is customised for your particular board, thus it knows the memory slot no/width and Chipset. Sandra does not have such a mapping for each particular board in order to generate the same information.

Say a computer has 4 slots and 8MB in the 1st bank (slots 0 and 1) and 16MB in the 2nd bank (slots 2 and 3), 24MB in total. Sandra shows 8MB in bank 1, 3 and 4. This is correct as it gives 24MB in total.


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