Q & A – Miscellaneous

Q & A – Miscellaneous

This document provides some frequently asked questions about Sandra. Please read the Help File as well!

Q: What does “Sandra” stand for?
It stands for System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant.

Q: What are the origins of name “Sandra”?
Sandra is a (girl) name of Greek origin that means “defender”, “helper of mankind”. We think that’s quite fitting.

Q: Does the name “Sandra” have anything to do with someone with the same name (maybe a famous person)?
Famous no; person, maybe.

Q: Should I call Sandra “it” or “her” (or “him”)?
If that’s your only problem then you’re lucky!

Q: Isn’t a name like Sandra daft for a program? Whatever possessed you to choose such a name?
It’s supposed to be an acronym. Well, we did “stretch” it a bit to make it sound better. This is not the first program to have a female name, remember Apple Lisa, Miranda, Microsoft Mum, Brenda, etc. There are more…

Have a look at these alternative names suggested (by users):

  • Admin’s Best Utility (ABU)
  • Admin’s System Analyst Program (ASAP)
  • Admin’s Computer Diagnostics (ACD)
  • Doctor Adrian’s Computer Diagnostics Tool (DACDT)
  • The Diagnostics Tool Without Name (DTWN)

Q: What is this crazy double-versioning scheme? Can you explain it?
The complete version string contains 4 numbers, in the form a.b.c.d (e.g. 2004.4.8.7), where:

  • a – Year of release (e.g. 2004)
  • b – Month of release (e.g. 4, i.e. April)
  • c – Major version (e.g. 8)
  • d – Minor version (e.g. 7)

Q: In addition to the versioning, you also append 2 characters (e.g. 2001se) at the end of the release year, why?
This is done to differentiate more strongly between versions released in the same year. The letters denote:

  • fe – first edition (i.e. 1st release in that year)
  • se – second edition (i.e. 2nd release in that year)
  • and so forth…

Q: Can I get Sandra’s source code for free?

Q: Will you be releasing the code for Sandra as Samantha/Jemima take over?

Q: I have (e.g. Norton Utilities, CA Utilities, Nuts & Bolts, etc.) and I think that their sys info (e.g. Norton SI/32, Discover Pro) is much better. Can’t you do better than that?
If we could, some software company (Microsoft, Symantec) would have snapped us up a long time ago… However, we do think that Sandra does things that SI does not do, but overall it can’t compete. Also remember that NU is a package and not a stand-alone product. Seen anything you like?

Q: What’s the best overall information tool in your opinion?
Must be Discover Pro from Nuts & Bolts (former Hurricane). While memory compression programs are utter crap, it has the best diagnostic tool we’ve ever seen. Pity it is still 16-bit.

Q: I think that MS-Info is better than Sandra.
Are you a troll? No way!

Q: God! When Sandra crashes it takes Windows (even NT/2000/XP/2003!) with it. Where’s the robustness I’ve read/heard so much about?
Well, we always say that if you do something, you might as well do it properly… On a serious note, things are
getting very complicated down here, so watch out…

Q: Why do you use “mainboard” and not “motherboard”?
“Motherboard” is considered sexist, and thus non PC (Politically Correct). The correct term these days is “mainboard”.

Q: Sandra seems to behave like a woman. Was that in the design spec?
What follows is a list of qualities and weaknesses of Sandra and their equivalent of a hypothetical namesake. We’d like to apologise in advance if anyone is offended, this was written for humour reasons. Some of it has been copied from an article/review called “Why Sandra is like a woman” from a site now defunct.

Sandra Woman
when it installs, it takes over system (registers itself all over the place) takes over your life, all over the place
you cannot uninstall it easily you cannot get rid of her easily
if you do uninstall it, it leaves junk behind if you do break up, you’re left with all the junk
sometimes locks up at splash screen, using 100% of CPU takes forever to get ready; uses many resources
gives lots of tips/warnings, but no help on how to resolve them nit picks/moans about things; does not explain how to fix them
gives conflicting advice gives conflicting advice
may not work when other similar utilities are installed does not accept other girlfriends/equivalent
when it crashes, it takes system with it when has breakdown, you have one too
all gloss, no substance all gloss, no substance
if not run regularly, may not run anymore if not given attention regularly, may leave
sometimes refuses to patch/update itself sometimes refuses to change herself
refuses to work on a low-end system refuses men with low “capabilities”
requires many OS updates on “out-of-favour” OSes requires a “fashionable” man
needs to be patched/updated repeatedly to work needs to be “pampered” repeatedly to
always at the “bleeding edge” of technology always at the “bleeding edge” of fashion

Q: Any interesting sayings?
There you go:

  • E-mail Sig in 1995, w.r.t. infamous Pentium FPU bug – This is Pentium of Borg. Precision is futile. You will be approximated.

Q: What’s this bunny thing in Sandra?
If you haven’t found it, don’t worry about it. The bunny existed in Windows 3.0, 3.1(1), and 9X – it was Microsoft’s idea. SAW also had a bunny, so Sandra needed one too… Bunnies are fluffy and cute… and bad… Bad Bunny!

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