Sandra Platinum (2017) SP2 – NUMA for ThreadRipper, AVX512 for SKL-X

We are pleased to release SP2 (Service Pack 2 – version 24.41) update for Sandra Platinum (2017) with the following updates:

Sandra Platinum (2017) Press Release

  • Tools update allowing further ports of benchmarks to AVX512, e.g.:
    • CPU Multi-Media: 128-bit (octa) floating-point benchmark
    • CPU Scientific: GEMM, FFT N-Body (single and double floating-point)
    • CPU Image Processing: All filters vectorised and ported to AVX512 (Blur/Sharpen/Motion-Blur, Edge/Noise/Oil, Diffusion/Marble)
  • Algorithm harness update allowing NUMA multi-block performance improvement, e.g.:
    • CPU Multi-Media: all algorithms. both integer and floating-point.
    • CPU Cryptography: all algorithms, both crypto and hashing.
    • CPU Scientific: all algorithms (but especially (F/D)GEMM)
    • CPU Financial: Monte-Carlo (N/A others).
    • CPU Image Processing: All filters (Blur/Sharpen/Motion-Blur, Edge/Noise/Oil, Diffusion/Marble).

New articles showing the improvement that AVX512 and NUMA bring:

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Lite

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