SiSoftware Sandra 20/21-R7a – Multi-Threading Improvements

Note: If you experience crashes (BSODs) with this or older versions, please upgrade to version R8.

Note2: ARM64 support has shipped with the R9 release.

We are pleased to release R7a (version 31.49) update for Sandra 20/21 with the following changes:

Sandra 20/21 Press Release

We are continuing to make multi-threading improvements across all benchmarks and other modules, including hybrid big/LITTLE architectures, both x86 and ARM. Further scheduling and benchmark optimisations are ongoing.

Please don’t forget to submit benchmark results to the Official SiSoftware Ranker! Many thanks for your continued support.

And please, don’t forget small ISVs like ourselves in these very challenging times. Please buy a copy of Sandra if you find our software useful. Your custom means everything to us!

Hardware Support, Updates & Fixes

  • Hardware:
    • Intel “Rocket Lake” (RKL) Gen 11 additional models update
    • Intel “Lakefield” (LKF) Gen 10+ additional models update, hybrid updates (as per ADL)
    • Intel “Alder Lake” (ADL) Gen 12 additional models update
    • Fixed BSOD (blue-screen-of-death) when Core Isolation/Memory Integrity is enabled on AMD Ryzen systems
    • Fixed memory display issue on Intel SKL/KBL/CFL systems
  • CPU Benchmarks:
    • Dynamic work-allocator enabled by default on all benchmarks (except where not possible)
    • Additional Core/Thread selection support
      • big/P Cores Only” (but not threads – thus 8T) – only “Core” cores
      • LITTLE/E Cores Only” (thus 8T) – only “Atom” cores
      • Multi-Threaded big/P Cores” – only “Core” cores w/SMT – thus 16T
      • Single Thread big/P Core” – (1T) thus single “Core” core
      • Single Thread LITTLE/E Core” – (1T) thus single “Atom” core
  • Cache Latency:
    • Single-thread testing for shorter benchmark time
    • big / LITTLE core latency test (L1D/L1I P/E, L2 P/E, L3)
  • Memory & Cache Bandwidth:
    • Dynamic work-allocator enabled on hybrid systems only for now (further testing needed)
    • Larger transfers improving bandwidth
    • big / LITTLE cores bandwidth (L1D/L1I P/E, L2 P/E, L3)
  • New Operating System Support:
    • Windows 11
    • Windows Server 2022 LTSC (21H2)
    • Windows Server vNext (Windows 11 kernel)

Reviews using Sandra 20/21:

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