SiSoftware Sandra Titanium (2018) RTMa Update

We are pleased to release RTMa (RTM update A – version 28.18) update for Sandra Titanium (2018) with the following updates:

Sandra Titanium (2018) Press Release

  • CPU: Updated tools allowed for new AVX512 code-path (FFT)
  • Hardware support updates and fixes
  • Updates to the new Overall Benchmarks: CPU, GPGPU, Disk, Memory
  • Firmware logging and upload for all benchmarks including Ranker support
    • Microcode version for CPUs (to determine Spectre/Meltdown support)
    • Firmware version for Memory Controllers
    • Firmware version for Disk drives (HDD or SSD)
    • BIOS version for mainboards
    • BIOS version for Graphics Cards / GPGPUs

Note: Sandra will also display whether an updated version for microcode, firmware or BIOS is available for your device from the respective manufacturer / OEM. Community powered, this relies on users benchmarking and uploading their scores to the Ranker.

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Lite

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