SiSoftware Sandra Titanium (2018) RTMa Update

We are pleased to release RTMa (RTM update A – version 28.18) update for Sandra Titanium (2018) with the following updates:

Sandra Titanium (2018) Press Release

  • CPU: Updated tools allowed for new AVX512 code-path (FFT)
  • Hardware support updates and fixes
  • Updates to the new Overall Benchmarks: CPU, GPGPU, Disk, Memory
  • Firmware logging and upload for all benchmarks including Ranker support
    • Microcode version for CPUs (to determine Spectre/Meltdown support)
    • Firmware version for Memory Controllers
    • Firmware version for Disk drives (HDD or SSD)
    • BIOS version for mainboards
    • BIOS version for Graphics Cards / GPGPUs

Note: Sandra will also display whether an updated version for microcode, firmware or BIOS is available for your device from the respective manufacturer / OEM. Community powered, this relies on users benchmarking and uploading their scores to the Ranker.

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Platinum updated to RTMa

We are updating Sandra Platinum (2017) to RTMa (version 24.18) with a few important fixes and optimizations. Please update to this version as soon as applicable.

Sandra 2017 Press Release

* Windows 7/Server 2008 R2: failure to launch due to missing TPM support.

If the BitLocker/TPM2 update was not installed and TPM support were missing Sandra would fail to launch.

* AMD Ryzen: updated support and fixes.

Better detection and information through further testing.

* Intel Atom Braswell and later: multiplier detection issues.

Benchmarks would fail to validate due to incorrect values.

– CPU Scientific: crash using the SSE2/3 FFT implementation on Atom CPUs.

* GPGPU: optimisations and fixes.

– OpenCL: optimisations for image processing, especially relating to FP16/half processing:

– DX ComputeShader: fixes for image processing enabling both FP32 and FP16 performance.

* GPGPU: test data randomised.

– Cryptography: CUDA, OpenCL, DX CS: replaced with random data which reduces cache locality and thus performance especially on APUs. AES performance has thus reduced by up to 50-70%.

Using randomised/high-entropy data is meant to improve the “fairness” of the benchmarks preventing “best-case” scenarios where results may be better than expected. While hardware may thus perform better given low-entropy data – that is preferable to the previous results.

* Benchmark Results Ranker: old results (pre Sandra 2014) removed.

– The reference/aggregated results have been updated with newer 2017 results given higher weight.

Download Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra 2016 RTMa Released


We are providing an update to Sandra 2016, RTMa (version 22.15) with various updates and fixes:

  • .Net native Vector support: (floating-point single/double) in latest 4.6 CLR RyuJIT. the CLR automatically uses AVX/SSE2 SIMD as supported by the CPU. (see .Net Vectors (CLR 4.6 RyuJIT) Performance article for more information)
  • CPU Image Processing: Did not run SIMD code-paths (FMA, AVX, SSE2) only FPU resulting in low performance.
  • GPGPU Image Processing: Minor performance optimisation for median/de-noise filter.
  • GPGPU Crypto: SHA performance optimisations for nVidia cards in CUDA and OpenCL (SHA1 especially).
  • Overall Score 2016: score may not generate in all cases.
  • Windows 10: 1511 SDK update (build 10586 2015 November update)
  • Website Change: Due to transition to WP links and feeds were broken.

We recommend you update your version of Sandra 2016 as soon as possible.