SiSoftware Sandra Titanium (2018) SP3 Update

We are pleased to announce SP3 (version 28.40 for Sandra Titanium (2018) with updated hardware and software support:

Sandra Titanium (2018) Press Release

GPGPU Benchmarks:

  • Enable FP16/half support in CUDA benchmarks*
  • Enable low-precision FP32 shader support in DirectX Compute benchmarks
  • Enable Tensor support for CUDA/GEMM/FP16

Note: FP16 is already supported by the OpenCL and DirectX compute benchmarks.

GPGPU Processing, Video Shader Benchmarks:

  • FP16/half-precision performance* (if supported) is included in the aggregate scores. This better reflects the performance of new GPGPUs that natively support FP16/half processing.
  • Tensors code-path used by default where applicable.

Note: FP16 is supported by all benchmarks: DirectX, OpenGL, OpenCL and now CUDA.

Reviews using Sandra 2018 SP3

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Lite

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