Sandra Platinum (2017) SP1

We are pleased to announce SP1 (Service Pack 1 – version 24.27) for Sandra Platinum (2017) with updated hardware support and benchmark optimisations:

Sandra Platinum (2017) Press Release

  • Updated hardware support to including:
    • Intel HEDT/Workstation/Server Skylake-X/Kabylake-X
    • Intel Core Cofeelake
    • AMD HEDT/Workstation/Server Threadripper
    • Updated DDR4, NVMem (non-volatile), PMem (persistent) memory support
  • Updated CPU benchmarks including:
    • Updated AVX512 benchmarks (Multi-Media, Cryptography/Hashing, Memory & Cache Bandwidth)
    • Further benchmarks will be updated to AVX512 in due course
  • Benchmark Fixes
    • Fix: CPU Power Management Efficiency benchmark running with more than 16 threads.
    • Fix: SGEMM AVX2/FMA running with non-power of 2 threads
    • Fix: Database AVX512 scores would not be entered

New hardware reviews with Sandra Platinum (2017) SP1:

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Lite

SP1 for SiSoftware Sandra 2016 Released!

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We are happy to release SP1 (Service Pack 1) to SiSoftware Sandra 2016.

This release introduces initial AVX512 benchmarks with all SIMD benchmarks due to be ported once compiler support becomes available:

CPU Multi-Media (Fractal Generation): single, double floating-point; integer, long benchmarks ported to AVX512. [See article Future performance with AVX512]

CPU Crypto (SHA Hashing): SHA2-256 and SHA2-512 multi-buffer ported to AVX512.

– Hardware support for future arch (AMD and Intel).

.Net Multi-Media native vector support is vector width independent and thus will support AVX512 with a future CLR release automatically

GPU Image Processing: New, more complex filters:

  • Oil Painting: Quantise (9×9) Filter: CUDA, OpenCL
  • Diffusion: Randomise (256) Filter: CUDA, OpenCL
  • Marbling: Perlin Noise 2D (3 octaves) Filter: CUDA, OpenCL

CPU Image Processing: New, more complex filters

  • Oil Painting: Quantise (9×9) Filter: AVX2/FMA, AVX, SSE2
  • Diffusion: Randomise (256) Filter: AVX2/FMA, AVX, SSE2
  • Marbling: Perlin Noise 2D (3 octaves) Filter: AVX2/FMA, AVX, SSE2

Sandra 2016 SP1 New Image FiltersMore benchmarks will be ported to AVX512 subject to compiler support; currently Microsoft’s VC++ does not support AVX512 intrinsics and in the interest of fairness we do not use specialised compilers.

Please see our article – Future performance with AVX512 – for a primer on AVX512 and projected performance improvements due to AVX512 and 512-bit transfers.