SiSoftware Sandra Platinum updated to RTMa

We are updating Sandra Platinum (2017) to RTMa (version 24.18) with a few important fixes and optimizations. Please update to this version as soon as applicable.

Sandra 2017 Press Release

* Windows 7/Server 2008 R2: failure to launch due to missing TPM support.

If the BitLocker/TPM2 update was not installed and TPM support were missing Sandra would fail to launch.

* AMD Ryzen: updated support and fixes.

Better detection and information through further testing.

* Intel Atom Braswell and later: multiplier detection issues.

Benchmarks would fail to validate due to incorrect values.

– CPU Scientific: crash using the SSE2/3 FFT implementation on Atom CPUs.

* GPGPU: optimisations and fixes.

– OpenCL: optimisations for image processing, especially relating to FP16/half processing:

– DX ComputeShader: fixes for image processing enabling both FP32 and FP16 performance.

* GPGPU: test data randomised.

– Cryptography: CUDA, OpenCL, DX CS: replaced with random data which reduces cache locality and thus performance especially on APUs. AES performance has thus reduced by up to 50-70%.

Using randomised/high-entropy data is meant to improve the “fairness” of the benchmarks preventing “best-case” scenarios where results may be better than expected. While hardware may thus perform better given low-entropy data – that is preferable to the previous results.

* Benchmark Results Ranker: old results (pre Sandra 2014) removed.

– The reference/aggregated results have been updated with newer 2017 results given higher weight.

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