Sandra 2016 SP4 and 2017 RTMc

We are pleased to announce two updates: SP4 for Sandra 2016 and RTMc for Sandra 2017, both with updated fixes and optimisations.

Sandra 2017 Press Release

Sandra 2016 Press Release

  • Updated hardware support to current Sandra 2017 standard including:
    • AMD Ryzen (and future arch)
    • Intel Core KabyLake (and future arch)
    • Intel Atom ApolloLake (and future arch).
  • Windows 7 software fixes: failure to launch if TPM2 update not installed.
  • Updated CPU benchmarks to current Sandra 2017 standard including:
    • Updated AVX512 benchmarks (Multi-Media, Hashing, Memory Bandwidth)
    • Crash in SSE2/SSE4 FFT benchmarks on Atom CPUs
    • OpenCL: optimisations for image processing, especially relating to FP16/half processing
    • DX ComputeShader: fixes for image processing enabling both FP32 and FP16 performance.
    • Cryptography: CUDA, OpenCL, DX CS: replaced with random data which reduces cache locality and thus performance especially on APUs. AES performance has thus reduced by up to 50-70%.

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Lite

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