SiSoftware Sandra 20/21-R16a – Hybrid Optimisations – AlderLake to RaptorLake and beyond

We are pleased to release R16a (version 31.104) update for Sandra 20/21 with further optimisations for hybrid designs (AlderLake, RaptorLake, etc.).

Sandra 20/21 Press Release

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Benchmarks, Hardware Support updates and fixes

  • Parallelism: All CPU/Memory Benchmarks
    • Additional “Multi-Threaded big/P Cores Only” aka only using threads running on big/P cores (SMT)
    • Note that as (current) LITTLE/E Atom cores do not support SMT, there is no corresponding option for them yet
  • Cache & Memory Bandwidth Benchmark
    • Improved/fixed hybrid bandwidth workload allocation when all cores are used, e.g. on Intel 12600K:
      • Memory Bandwidth Improvement: 49GB/s to 56GB/s: +14% improvement (float AVX2/buffered)
      • L1D Cache Bandwidth – not affected
      • L2 Caches Bandwidth fix: 145GB/s to 836GB/s
      • L3 Cache Bandwidth fix: 56GB/s to 452GB/s
  • Cluster Performance Contribution: All CPU Benchmarks
    • It is the sum of the performance of all cores in each cluster
    • Reveals how much the big/P & LITTLE/E core clusters have contributed compute power wise to each benchmark score in percent, e.g. on Intel 12600K – CPU Arithmetic Benchmark:
  • Core Performance Ratio: All CPU Benchmarks
    • It is the ratio of the big/P Core vs. LITTLE/E core performance
    • Reveals just how much more performant the big/P Cores are vs. the LITTLE/E cores, e.g. on Intel 12600K – CPU Arithmetic Benchmark:
  • Future Hardware Support

    • Additional AMD Ryzen 7000 (Zen4) support
      • Enabled DDR5 SPD (Hub, PMIC, TS) AMD information

Parallelism Benchmark Thread Combinations

Allows easy benchmarking of all cores/threads together or individually without rebooting into BIOS and disabling cores and/or SMT. The options are as follows:

Multi-Threading – All Cores/All Threads (big+LITTLE cores, all threads) 6C+4c / 16T
Multi-Threading – big/P Cores Threads (big cores’ threads only) 6C / 12T
Multi-Core – All Cores (big+LITTLE cores) 6C+4c / 10T
Multi-Core – big/P Cores only 6C / 6T
Multi-Core – LITTLE/E Atom cores only 4c / 4t

Cluster Performance Contribution & Core Performance Ratio

Allows simple reporting of hybrid performance contributions by breaking down the compute contribution of big/P and LITTLE/E clusters and thus the big/P Core : LITTLE/E Atom core performance ratio.

big/P Cores Threads 70% 70/6C -> 2.15x
LITTLE/E Atom cores threads 30% 30/4c -> 1x

Example of performance contribution & ratio on Intel Core i5 12600K (ADL):

CPU Core Cluster Performance Contribution (per Cluster type)

  • Multi-Media Integer Native : 80% big/Cluster – 20% LITTLE/cluster
  • Multi-Media Long-int Native : 83% big/Cluster – 17% LITTLE/cluster
  • Multi-Media Quad-int Native : 85% big/Cluster – 15% LITTLE/cluster
  • Multi-Media Single-float Native : 85% big/Cluster – 15% LITTLE/cluster
  • Multi-Media Double-float Native : 85% big/Cluster – 15% LITTLE/cluster
  • Multi-Media Quad-float Native : 86% big/Cluster – 14% LITTLE/cluster

Note: Here we sum the compute performance contribution for all cores in the type of cluster. If SMT is enabled, all threads will be summed.

Note2: This feature also works on Arm64 big.LITTLE / DynamicQ SoCs, it is not tied to x86 Intel hybrid systems.

CPU Core Cluster Performance Ratio (per core type)

  • Multi-Media Integer Native : 3x big/Core – 1x LITTLE/core
  • Multi-Media Long-int Native : 3.1x big/Core – 1x LITTLE/core
  • Multi-Media Quad-int Native : 3.2x big/Core – 1x LITTLE/core
  • Multi-Media Single-float Native : 3.3x big/Core – 1x LITTLE/core
  • Multi-Media Double-float Native : 3.3x big/Core – 1x LITTLE/core
  • Multi-Media Quad-float Native : 3.4x big/Core – 1x LITTLE/core

Note: Here we divide the cluster performance contribution by the number of cores in each cluster – and then work out the big/LITTLE ratio. If SMT is enabled or not, we still only count the number of cores per cluster, not threads.

Reviews using Sandra 20/21:

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