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New: SiSoftware Sandra 2015!
Q & A - PDA & Smart Phone

This document provides some frequently asked questions about Sandra. Please read the Help File as well!

Q: Why do you require unlocked Smart Phones?
As the Lite version is free, we cannot afford to pay licensing fees to have our software signed in order to run on Smart Phones; we are in the process of signing the commercial versions to work on major Smart Phones as this can be paid for by the licence fee.

Q: How do I unlock my Smart Phone?
Most mobile operators (e.g. Orange, etc.) have developers sections where they tell you how to unlock your phone so that it runs unsigned programs. Please refer to their instructions.

Q: Why do "Network Benchmark", "Internet Connection Benchmark" or "Internet Peerage Benchmark" not work on my PDA/Smart Phone?
If you're only connected through Active Sync to the LAN/Internet, then ICMP packets are not relayed by ActiveSync (at this time). You need a proper network (Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) connection to the LAN/Internet so that your PDA/Smart Phone can send/receive ICMP packets. The latest version of ActiveSync also allows LAN synchronisation.

Q: Why are the Internet results so low? I have a broadband connection!
If you are using ActiveSync to connect to the Internet, this is to be expected as it is not the fastest bridging solution. Consider connecting your PDA / Smart Phone directly to your LAN (e.g. using CF/SD WiFi/Bluetooth cards, etc.)

Q: Why am I unable to benchmark my Palm device?
Palm functionality will be available in a future service pack.

Q: Why am I unable to benchmark my PDA / mobile phone?
We are working to broaden the support for both PDAs and mobile phones in future versions, we have to concentrate on the most feasible solutions first.

Q: Where is the stand-alone version for PDA / Smart Phone?
We will release stand alone versions of our software as market requires.

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