SiSoftware Sandra 20/20/10 (2020 R10x) Update – optimisations and fixes

Note: Original R10 release article has been updated with R10x update.

We are pleased to release R10x (version 30.77) update for Sandra 20/20 (2020) with the following changes:

Sandra 20/20 (2020) Press Release

Latest Sandra Version

We are moving towards a tiered system where different versions (R numbers) are provided to different customers depending on their need and version type. This allows us in these tough times to prioritise our customers while still providing stable, best features to the community. We will still aim to release all versions together where possible as before but we no longer guarantee it.

  • Manufacturers/OEM, Tech Support, Reviewers:
    • Latest Sandra (Beta) version, R+1
  • Commercial (Professional/Business/Engineer/Enterprise):
    • Current Sandra (Stable) version, R (R+1 if required*)
  • Lite (Evaluation):
    • Previous Sandra (Stable) version, R-1 (R+1 if testing*)

Note (*): we do provide access to Beta versions if customer is affected by an issue resolved in the next release.

GP-GPU (CUDA / OpenCL / DirectX Compute) Benchmarks

  • Additional improvements for nVidia “Ampere“; CUDA SDK updated to 11.1
  • Additional improvements for “Image Processing” benchmarks
  • Additional improvements for “Scientific Analysis” benchmarks (FFT, GEMM) [perf impact]
  • Reverted (R3 update) hashing/SHA block change in “Cryptography” benchmarks [perf impact]
  • Relaxed limits further for better performance on high-end/multiple GP-GPUs [up to 8]

CPU Benchmarks

  • Fixed possible lock-up in “Scientific Analysis” benchmarks
  • Reverted (R3 update) hashing/SHA block change in “Cryptography” benchmarks [no impact]
  • Revised benchmarks for asymmetric work-loads for hybrid CPUs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed (possible) crash on Intel graphics with 64-bit PCIe memory addressing
  • Reviewed all device code that deals with 64-bit PCIe memory addressing
  • Fixed TigerLake (TGL) memory information/timings for (LP)DDR5
  • Fixed TigerLake (TGL) integrated graphics memory information
  • Additional IceLake (ICL) memory information

Reviews using Sandra 20/20:

Update & Download

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Download Sandra Commercial (Pro/Biz/Eng/Ent)

Download Sandra Lite

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