SiSoftware Sandra 20/21-R14a – Memory Latency changes

We are pleased to release R14a (version 31.95) update for Sandra 20/21 with the following changes:

Sandra 20/21 Press Release

We are releasing a maintenance release that includes various updates and fixes that have affected the previous releases but includes all the updates introduced in the various R13x releases.

Please don’t forget to submit benchmark results to the Official SiSoftware Ranker! Many thanks for your continued support.

And please, don’t forget small ISVs (independent software vendors) like ourselves in these very challenging times. Please buy a copy of Sandra if you find our software useful. Your custom means everything to us!

Benchmarks, Hardware Support updates and fixes

  • Memory Latency Benchmark
    • In-Page Random” memory access latency pattern – TLB range fix – that resulted in too-low memory score (latency) to be reported on modern Intel systems (e.g. AlderLake with large L3 cache). Credit Rob Williams @ TechGage – many thanks!
    • Note that the other tests “Full Random” and “Sequential” memory access patterns – are *not* affected as the pattern is not affected by TLB data.
  • Cryptography Benchmark
    • fixed HWA code paths (AES, SHA) not engaging [R13x regression]
  • Hardware
    • Resolved L2 & L3 cache count detection [R13x regression]
  • Client (GUI)
    • Light/Dark-mode colour optimisations

Reviews using Sandra 20/21:

Update & Download

Commercial version customers can download the free updates from their software distributor; Lite users please download from your favourite download site.

Update Wizard

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